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Get a Great Tan Through Your Clothes with Tan Through Clothing!
Ever thought of a way to get that natural, full body tan without having to hit the tanning salon, or sunbathe in the buff? The technology is here; tan through clothing has hit the scene and is available for purchase through various websites. Websites such as tanthrough.com offer several options for tan through clothing and bathing suits. The fabric used for the no more tan line marvels is light and airy, but never see through, whether wet or dry. The lightweight fibers are woven with tiny pores that allow sunlight through. Most of the clothing gives an SPF protection of six or 10. You’ll get a little protection just like you would if you put on those levels of sunscreen. No longer will you have to run to the tanning salon to get rid of those halter top lines before the big dance, or the farmer’s tan after playing a round of golf in a polo shirt. Eliminate the need for nasty, messy lotions and oils and order your tan through swim suit or sportswear online today. Remember, no more tan lines! Cooltan bathing suits and sportswear can be found at cooltan.com, ranging in size, color, prints and prices for men and women alike. The secret behind Cooltan’s lightweight, cool and comfortable designs are the Microsol and MicrosolV fabrics used. Wearing Cooltan’s swim suits and sportswear will give you a nice, even, natural tan in about the same time it would take if you sunbathed using an SPF 6 lotion. This attractive apparel is easy to take care of as well. Just throw it in the washing machine and hang dry. By the next morning you’ll be ready to throw it on and hit the beach and boardwalk, or play a round of golf. Cooltan swim suits are the only tan through suits that are fully washing machine safe. From Swim suits to sportswear the tan through technology is an up and coming trend sure to be seen on bodies across the nation. Don’t wait, get yours today!
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